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Tranam appointed as exclusive UK distributors of PMJ Jeans

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PMJ jeans are designed and manufactured in Italy by a company that has 30 years experience in fashion clothing boasting collaborations with famous names such as D&G, Hugo Boss and Versace.

The majority of the range are lined with ballistic TWARON® which is a revolutionary fabric that is breathable and tested to EN13595-2 (abrasion resistance) and EN13595-4 (cut resistance) and knee protectors are EN 1621-1 adjustable and in some cases removable from the outside. Ballistic TWARON® is the same material used in bullet-proof vests and is 5 times stronger than steel! It decomposes at 500 degrees Celsius without melting and has an exceptional resistance to abrasion!

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Event Starts : 02/12/2016
Posted in New Products on 02/12/2016