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C4 Legacy Red

The ultimate flip-front touring lid from Schuberth, the C4 Legacy Red comes with built in speakers, microphone and bluetooth antenna. All you need to do is fit the battery and the new Schuberth bluetooth communication system (built by Sena and takes literally 10 seconds to install as it’s plug and play)- sold separately £199.99 standard system, £299.99 advanced system – which allows for FM radio and 5 extra hours talk time. Now with a 5 year warranty when you register your helmet on Schuberth’s website. The helmet is still the quietest helmet on the market and has a new HUGE field of vision thanks to the new ultra-wide visor. The lining is new too, it uses a seamless printed interior called ShinyTex. It still has the best grade drop down sunvisor you can buy which meets the Australian sun glasses standard, the hardest standard to meet!
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