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Bagster Ready Seats23 Products

Bagster "Ready" Comfort Seats:
Seats from Bagster, the famous French motorcycle accessories maker, are each tailored to suit a specific motorcycle model. Ergonomically designed and offering appreciably greater comfort, they will also enhance the look of your machine.
They feature a non-slip cover, and are shaped to give optimal grip when accelerating. What's more, they are rainproof, and the comfortable foam will survive countless miles without wearing out.
Touring bikers often complain about how uncomfortable the original seat on their machine is. So if your posterior starts to hurt even before you have to stop for fuel, you should seriously consider a Bagster seat to make sure you can enjoy your touring to the full!

Please visit Bagster.com to find your part number for the Ready Seat. Alternatively you can have your own seat remade to you own custom specification by using the Bagster Configurator
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